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Go Green with CastleLite Block

CastleLite Block, LLC is a leading manufacturer of Concrete Pavers, Concrete Masonry Units and Retaining Wall Systems in Northern California. With over 60 years of experience, CastleLite Block, LLC recognizes the demand for green building products and are happy to offer environnmental products that are beneficial and can contribute to the process of achieving LEED credits.

CastleLite Block, LLC is committed to reducing our carbon foot-print by 2020. We have incorporated over 2 miles of tubing in our new kilns for future installation of solar heating of our kilns. We recently replaced our electric motors and light fixtures at our factory with high efficiency electric motors and light fixtures. We are committed to recovering and reuse over 85% of our packaging from our customers and dealers.

Ready to go Green? Contact Us, We can help you make your next project more Eco-Friendly.

Segmental Retaining Wall
Segmental Retaining Walls

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